Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

It is finished... I missed my "helper" terribly!!!

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Carrie says...
"had to laugh when you were talking about her only decorating the part of the tree that everyone see's. She helped me at work put our tree up last year. She did not put any decorations on the back. When Pam asked her why? she stated no one see's it. Pam stated but the backside is facing the window ? Rachel stated keep the blinds down, or just let the lights shine. No one will notice but the people who work in the office. We never did decorate the backside of the tree last year. I wish she was here this year to help. She could have gotten away with not doing the backside, as we moved offices and the tree is now in the training room in a corner. Pam made a comment today that we needed Rachel and would pay her like she did in the past. She also took it down for us last year. Pam bought her a book for taking it down. Plus I'm sure she got paid." (12/8/08)

Marie says...
"I don't know how you did it. My girlfriend Leighann's first Christmas with out her son Jake, she did not want to put her tree up. But she did, another girlfriend and I helped her. We cried the whole time that we were decorating. I never realized how bitter sweet Christmas could seem. So many emotions, every ornament is a memory. I don't even hang my own ornaments up without remembering where it came from, or who I was with when I got it. Even though Rachel wasn't physically putting the decorations on the tree, I believe she helped you. Even if decorating the front of the tree was her thing, you know she would have never settled for no tree at all! She's still pushing you to do what she would want. That's what these girls do to us, demand crazy things out of us! And we do it, because we love them so so much. Do you still buy yourself an outfit or fix your hair a certain way, and here her voice asking, "Are you going to wear that?" I call Taelor my talking mirror. I can still see Taelor doing Rachel's hair for cheer, smell her special hairspray. (the one we can't use!) It's neat how they can hug your heart, even when you're not with them. I hope she hugs you tight today. She's proud of the tree. Love you, Marie" (12/9/08)

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