Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andrew is 20!!!

20 bits of trivia about our boy on his birthday… We love you Andrew, Happy Birthday!!!

1. He took his time getting here, even though he was born @ 34 weeks. He was born at 1:07pm on December 11, 1988. He weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. Hard to believe that big ole boy was such a peanut. Denny said he could hang by his toes with those feet, they were big! However, he had a “banana” shaped head from making is mama work so hard to get him here.

2. I didn’t think it was funny when my OB said Chris could go deer hunting, “nothing will happen this weekend.” Chris met Andrew for the first time at 2 hours old.

3. He was a little piranha when he ate, ouch… and would not quit until he was 15 months old.

4. It seemed every time I took him to the pediatrician he always had what we called his 3rd eye, always into something and bumping his noggin.

5. He helped me pick peas out our garden the ONE and only summer we had one. The peas never made it to the house, he “unzipped” them and ate them right there on the spot.

6. He always wanted to sleep with us, never in his baby bed, and graduated to what had been his grandpa’s junior bed at 8 months. He still wanted in our bed, yes until Kindergarten and then all of a sudden he was a “big boy.”

7. He wouldn’t go to bed until we did, he had to fall asleep on the couch.

8. He hated baby food, only the real stuff including a T-bone steak at grandpa’s for his 1st birthday, he LOVED the bone.

9. His favorite meals were “gween rice” with chicken and tater tot casserole.

10. I will still never forget the year he and Chris went to get our chickens. Chris and his friend were wringing necks, one headless chicken chased after him. He would not ANY meat for a long time that had blood in it…

11. Because he couldn’t say “granny” he named his granny “Denny.”

12. When he was 2 he was in wreck with Chris, for weeks he would say “don’t tun mama, pease don’t tun.” He was afraid the car would “cwash again.”

13. He was mad when on the first day of school he couldn’t ride the “kool bus” aka school bus.

14. Drew Thorpe was one of his first buddies at school, we love you Drew!!!

15. He loved hanging with his daddy and pop, all the time. He still loves hanging with his dad, every chance he gets.

16. We’ve always been told how polite and well mannered he is, we are proud of you Bud!!!

17. He perpetualized the name “Unca Boo.”

18. He loved football, he loved winning, he loved tackling anybody he could get his hands on. He love his friends and would do anything for them. He loves little kids and they love him, he is very good with them. He loves his family!!!

19. He LOVED his sister, even though he teased and gave her a hard time, he LOVED his sister and would have protected her with everything he had in him.

20. We are very proud of the man that he has become. He is serving in the US Army. Rachel looked up to him, she is proud too!!! Andrew we love you… Happy Birthday.

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LJ says...
"Happy 20th tomorrow Andrew!!!!!
We have some of our own sweet memories with you, and with Rachel. The summers spent in our kiddie pools, the guys love "the vine" story, fun times with us, ya'll and the Harmon's and watching you grow into a wonderful young man. You have a permanent spot in our hearts.
We all love you--Kenny, Lori, Judson and Colton" (12/10/08)

Aunt Judy & Andrea says...
"We were there when Andrew was born! Georgia called to wake Carol up, and we took her to the hospital. Andrea got to hold Andrew right after he was born, and she's always remembered it. We're proud of you, Andrew, Happy Birthday!" (12/10/08)

Robin says...
"Wishing Andrew a happy ( unbelievable! ) 20th!! What a handsome young man he is. I know you are so proud. By the way, Jonah is JUST NOW sleeping in his own bed in the first grade!! Only because it's a new bunk bed with his brother. But still loves to sleep holding mom's hair!" (12/15/08)

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