Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008

In honor of Rachel’s birthday, here’s 16 bits of fun trivia about our baby girl…

1. She was in a hurry to get into this world, my labor lasted only one hour… she weighed 6lbs 7 ounces and screamed unless she was allowed to eat the first hour she was here.

2. I didn’t think it was funny when the doctor told me I could push, it’s not funny to joke with a woman going without an epidural and thinks things are happening way too fast. Rachel was in a hurry to get into this world, it was the only time she was ever in a hurry.

3. The first thing I remember asking Chris, “is she REALLY a girl?” They placed her in my arms and it was love at first sight. It was also love at first sight for her daddy, her pop, Grandpa and Uncle Boo. She had a way with those guys. Andrew, he was almost 4 and well… it took him a while to come around. After all this screaming ball of pink had invaded “his” territory.

4. She was an easy baby. Once she found silky, her lovey and pacifier she would put herself to bed and sleep for hours… surprised about that one I know.

5. When it started to get dark early in the evening, her little body thought lights out time for bed. She would go to bed when the sun went down and sleep for at LEAST 12 hours.

6. When she got a bit older, it she got tired, she would tell everybody “goodnight, I’m going to bed now.” She was always a good sleeper even in church…

7. She would tell anybody that sneezed in a quiet, sweet little voice, “beff you.” And if nobody blessed her after a sneeze, she would ask, “well is anybody gonna beff me or not?”

8. She first said Andrew’s name as “a-ho.” We worked very hard that weekend learning to day Andrew. You can’t let your kids going to Sunday School saying teafully “I want my a-ho.”

9. When she was little she was terrified of dogs, who knew she would ever let one sleep in the bed with her.

10. She loved to read and learn. She came home from her first day of kindergarten mad she did NOT have any homework! She was smart too, she even helped Andrew & I with some of the math on the ASFAB (military test).

11. Even though she was smart, she could also be kinda dingy… once she ordered a BLT thinking it was a barbeque sandwich. We still go out to eat for “BLT.”

12. She loved her friends, she loved cheering, she loved school, she loved volleyball and most of all track. She was always so slow around the house, we were baffled when they put her on the relay teams and she really could run and FAST!

13. She was an OU fan that wanted to go to UT, try to figure that one out.

14. She loved to travel. She loved junk food and Sushi. She LOVED going to Washington DC last year. I saw a light in her eyes that said “I could so live this life.” She was furious with me when I called her from the top of the Empire State Building, she wanted to be in New York.

15. She lived life hard and fast and enjoyed every minute of it. She experienced a lot in her brief 15 years. She did a lot last year… 3 trips to Missouri, a trip to Virginia, she flew 1st class and loved every minute of it, a trip to DC and a trip to Ft. Benning. She and I spent most of last summer with my daddy. When she I and were in DC and looking at monuments, she looked at the Viet Nam War Memorial and asked “ what’s that wall thingy again.” I knew then she had seen enough monuments.

16. She loved her friends and family intensely and with every ounce of her being. But most of all she loved Jesus.

I am proud to be your momma, you are not only changing me you are changing this world!

We love you baby girl, sleep sweet!!!

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Kari says... (Edit / Delete)
"Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Georgia, today is a milestone in this journey...embrace it as you have embraced being her Mom. Cry, laugh, celebrate, be quiet, whatever you want to do! Love you" (10/24/08)

LJ says... (Edit / Delete)
"Woke up thinking about and praying for all of you!! I love the blog, what a wonderful start to the day, remembering so many things, holding them dear to your heart.
Much love" (10/24/08)

Emiley Wright says... (Edit / Delete)
"She sure is changing this world, this is such a precious blog! STAY STRONG!!" (10/24/08)

Brooke Tomlin says... (Edit / Delete)
"Georgia, your site is just wonderful! I just read it and all your stories made me feel like I knew Rachel and I wish I could of met her, she reminds me of myself with the whole being involved in everything at school....(that's what them small towns are for!!) and having an older brother and everything. Can you imagine how much of a party there is going on today in heaven?! Wow she is celebrating with some amazing people! Planting a tree is just a wonderful thing for you to do and I"m so happy and proud for you and your family to do that. I've been thinking of you today and always! Love ya!! " (10/24/08)

Stephanie says... (Edit / Delete)
"Chris and Georgia: Of course I have been thinking of you since I woke up this morning. Happy 16th Birthday Rachel!! She is missed so dearly even by the people who only knew her through you. I love you and pray for you every day." (10/24/08)

LJ says... (Edit / Delete)
"I love looking at the picture of her cheering. This is who I remember, it looks like her as a young girl warting Andrew, Judson and Colton with that sweet sweet smile!" (10/28/08)

carrrie says... (Edit / Delete)
"Ok, had a hard time coming up with a memory as the week of her birthday was a difficult time for our family. I did recall a very special day in which it involes not only Rachel but how she first met her Grandpa. However, I remeber the call I got from her Grandpa while i was in College in Kerrville,Texas. It was to tell me that Rachel was beinjg born. He later called to tell me all the details and how Chris's mother made him hold her. He stated that Rachel looked so small and fragil, he was scared to hold her but Chris mother just put Rachel in his arms. He stated that it was love at first sight. I'm sure they are both up there fishing and having a good time." (11/3/08)

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