Monday, November 24, 2008

Stepping up

Ahah moment as I was walking... In the Stepping Up Bible study that I am doing, we keep talking about "Pilgrimage to the Three Great Feasts." In my notes I talk about this time in our lives as our pilgrimage and how hard it is but I also keep reminding myself of the the glory that will be revealed... It occurred to me on the way to the car that the pilgramage is our journey... On Sept. 9 I wrote "we are only passing through this time in our life, we are on a pilgrimage and it is but flash of time in eternity. Oct 17, I wrote Rachel's death placed our feet on a path~ a long journey. I know that God wishes we could arrive there in the blink of an eye rather than feel the earthly effects on this journey... but in the meantime we will travel on this journey where there are twists, turns, and hills that obscure our view." There is so much more, probably for another time. Thank you fro reminding me... this is a journey. I needed to hear it!

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