Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, 2008

Today is a hard one and I am struggling with a memory...

However, I remember slumber parties and staying up late with a bunch of giggling girls. One year, she talked me into making individual cakes in the Easy Bake oven and letting the girls decorate them. After that we had fashion show... what a mess they made and what beauties they were! All of this in a rented house less than 900 square feet... Yes I was crazy, but then again I was crazy about her too!!!

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Chellie says... (Edit / Delete)
Seeing those pictures reminds me of the giggley little girl we love and remember so fondly. I remember that rent house too. Roger used to call her "Roe-Shell" and she would pipe back, "My name is "Rachel!" with that little southern drawl we all loved.I lift you up today. Love, Chellie " (11/24/08)

LJ says... (Edit / Delete)
"Hey, I think this is the one I was invited to. I know we did make-up and all. You all are always on our minds and hearts and in our prayers.
Much love!" (11/24/08)

carrie says... (Edit / Delete)
"I had to laugh at the pictures. Rachel used to love top play dress up. I won't forget a trip to FW one summer in which she painted my finger nails and toes,purple, pink, and green. She tried to get her granpa let her paint his nails but she did not win on that one. She was able to put his hair in little pony tails. She sat on the back of the chair and played with his hair. He laughed. If I real call he talked about how Georgia loved to play with his hair as a child. " (11/29/08)

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