Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of those bumps in the road...

It was 1999, I had just helped a woman deliver a baby she never thought she would have... He was born at 21 weeks and lived on his own for a little over 13 hours. He grasped my pinky finger and left an indelible mark on my heart. His name was J.W. As I stood at the graveside watching his momma grieve I never dreamed that I would walk in her shoes... The last couple of days have been tough for me, WHY, Rachel, WHY??? Why did my daddy have to die??? I hit one of those bumps in the road... I have been missing her and missing my daddy. Something really exciting happened and I though I'll call my daddy and tell him... Today I was going through all the "stuff" I have in my Bible & I ran across this card from JW's sweet momma. On the front of the card is this poem...

When We ask Why

God's purpose and plan
Is sometimes concealed,
But someday His purpose
Will be revealed.

Someday God's wisdom
Will make it very plain
Why problems were permitted
And how He uses pain.

Things thought illogical~
Disease, tragedy, fear~
Will someday make sense
When God makes all things clear.

We'll see the Lord's purpose
From the Lord's point of view,
And we'll know the answers
In ways we never knew.

Until we're home with God
Some answers must wait.
Until His plan unfolds
We'll live and walk by faith.

Thank you Lord for this word from You!!!

Rather than ask why, I choose to live and walk by faith.

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Aunt Judy says... (Edit / Delete)
"The hardest parts of life are not understanding the "whys", aren't they? How precious it is to have God then, and just have His hands to hold you and pull you through the horrible times, knowing that someday you'll understand. I've said a prayer for your family just now." (11/12/08)

Heather Calicott says... (Edit / Delete)
"As always... God gives you a word that you need. Then you share it with us and in that's what I need. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I am always eager to read your blogs when my e-mail alerts me there is something new. The why question is something I stugggle with all the time. I want what is fair in an unfair world. Our God is always fair and right on time. love you guys!" (11/12/08)

Marie says... (Edit / Delete)
"I check on you at least once a week, sometimes more thru this sight. Most days I smile in amazement. Today I cried with you. You are so strong, and a bump every now and then is just plain OK! You are human, like the rest of us. That's why God had to send his own son for us. He knew we couldn't do it without Him. I watch my sister with her little Meaghan, and she loves so much and holds on so tight. I know she still misses Haley, but I think Haley makes her that much better at being a mom to Meg, just like I'm sure you do with Andrew. He's very lucky to have you as a Mom. Thank goodness every day is made new. Smile sweet lady, even your bumbs help other people." (11/13/08)

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