Sunday, May 11, 2008

August Rush

It's not often that a movie captures me like this one. I saw it when it first came out while I was in Virginia. I had worked the night before, slept little and went completely unprepared for a good cry and I mean a good ole cry and not the pretty kind if you know what I mean. I was the ONLY one that left having had a good cry and thought maybe I was just tired or really weird. Probably a combination of both would be my guess, I tend to be a crier anyway...

Any way here is my take...

When I asked Leon what made it is favorite, one his comments summed it up for me... " It highlighted the "childlike
faith" to which Jesus referred when He said, "unless a man becomes as one of these little children, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." That was the WHOLE reason this movie touched me so deeply. However, let me explain.

I left with this...

I was very touched by the little boy Evan who longed to be found and ultimately was. He bravely set out to fill a void in his life, a void left by a need to find his parents. The movie also touched my heart because he never gave up believing his parents wanted him or his mother when she found out her father put him up for adoption-how she was determined to find him at all cost or at how Louis was determined to find Lyla. It gently reminded me during those times in my life when have I stepped away from my Heavenly Father and then began to search & long for Him again, He has always been there within my reach if I would reach out to Him. He longs to parent me just as August's parents longed to parent him. It reminded me that we all want to be FOUND. Just as they found each other, our Heavenly Father has always known where we are it is we who found HIM.

It is a story of hope that teaches determination, perseverance, and

to never give up on your dream. It gracefully defines the benefits of listening to Him. It takes us to a place where we can witness there is more to us than our bodies, brains, and intellects. It teaches things of the Holy Spirit, His things unseen, and it does so through a child who is full of joy when there seems to be no reason for him to have any! He is a prodigy with a God-given talent stirring in him and he can do things for which there is no logical reason. Isn't that how the world should see us! I could even see Satan when the Wizard was trying to control August.

The movie also made me think about the importance of using the gifts He has given us. The importance of not following the whispers of the world but to remember He has a path for us. We are to go after it no matter what THE world may say. God is the giver of all good gifts, certainly the giver of good music. The music alone was worth the price of the ticket. I loved that when the musicians used the gifts God gave them, they were filled with joy. I really got a kick out of how he played the guitar the first time. It touched my heart for the gift that GOD gave him. When we use the gifts God has given us, we too experience great joy. I believe we feel God's pleasure in us as we do all things as unto the Lord. The music (it's not even my kind of music, I am more of a KLTY kinda girl) reminded me of His voice being everywhere if we will just listen. Probably why I have such AWESOME worship time in my car listening to CD's or KLTY. He meets me there a LOT. Just as Evan heard music everywhere because he had ears to hear, so we can see and hear God everywhere if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. His handiwork is seen in all of creation as the heavens declare the glory of the Lord. If we sincerely ask, seek, and knock, He will reveal himself to us, and we too will be found. This movie was a powerful experience for me. Go rent it, you will not regret it!

An absolutely amazing movie! I loved it!

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