Monday, August 25, 2008


GOD is so awesome, just this morning those pennies are still on my bathroom counter and I thought about you and our precious kids. My first thought was, maybe it's time I give these pennies to Georgia and then I started thinking about our girls. But I have always heard a penny found on tails is bad luck if you pick it up, so I never would pick them up, until someone told me after Amy passed that pennies were Hello's from heaven. Now I pick them up all the time and most of the time just when I need a Hello the most. That Monday night at the hospital, just out the doors of the hospital only minutes after Rachel went to be with The Lord (and Amy and Steven), there lay three pennies side by side. When I saw them my thought was, there are 3 couples here tonight that has lost their child (me and Lonnie, James Claborn, and now Chris and Georgia). Those 3 Hello from Heaven pennies told me, Rachel was in Heaven safely with Amy and Steven. I picked those pennies up and said "Thank you, Jesus" & brought them home to give to you. I know this sounds silly to some folks, but I know God placed those pennies just for me to see that night, otherwise someone else might have just walked right over them. Those pennies were meant for you and me. We paid a high price for 3 pennies, but the Hello from heaven is priceless.

Thank you Jackie...

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