Friday, March 19, 2010

Show us your life, Mission Trips

Mission Trip New Orleans 2005

Several years ago... the only Mission Trip I have ever been on... I met some incredible kids in an impoverished neighborhood in New Orleans, some of the neatest kids I have ever met, hungry in so may ways... hungry for food, love and attention and a little bit of Jesus. Prayerfully we met all of those needs! I may never know but God does. You see, one week after we got back Hurricane Katrina hit ravaged New Orleans. All we know is that their apartment complex was under water and completley destroyed... I think of those children often and pray that one day I will see them again. It was a trip that forever changed the way that I experience life. You just ever know how many opportunities you have with someone to let them see and experience Jesus.

girls from our youth group, crazy...

a few more of our youth with the children from New Orleans

her name was "Angela," she captured my heart

Lindsay and one of the children...

two of our youth "working" the clothes closet, Rachel and Lauren

these two girls... both angels in Heaven now... Rachel Fulenwider, my baby girl (10/92~4/08) and Heather Rhoads, sweet friend of ours and youth group member (7/89~12/08)

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