Monday, October 18, 2010

Girls Get Away Cruise 2010

First cruise I have ever been on... I am booked for the next one. I am so looking forward to January 2012! And yes, I will snorkel again!!! I made some awesome new friends AND conquered my fear of "Jaws." Yes, Jaws... it was the only movie I ever snuck in to see and I have been punished ever since. I was 10, now I am dating myself, oh well... For years I thought Jaws just might come up out of the pool drain and get me. And I have NEVER been in the ocean deeper than my ankles. I was determined to see the beauty HE created in the ocean. This past summer I kept thinking and praying about snorkeling. I knew HE wanted to show off HIS beauty. Our music minister had just gotten back from a cruise and talked about the beauty that HE created in the ocean, ugh really?!?!?!? His message confirmed to me that I was supposed to snorkel...

The water was rough and our guide offered to let us choose another excursion... I knew HE would keep me safe and jumped in. HIS beauty was amazing!!! The fish, the coral reefs, feeling HIS hand guide me, WOW!!! And you know what? We didn't even see a shark but we did see a Great Barracuda and so many colorful fish and reefs! His beauty, AMAZING!!!

The speakers, the worship, the fellowship, the rest (even though we never could figure out what time it was), the anointing of His spirit... thank you Lord!

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