Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday - LIVING ROOMS

Welcome to our home... we live in an old farm house in North Texas. It is situated in the middle of our own little secluded part of the country surrounded by trees. I was raised in the big city but always longed to be a country girl. I am living my dream, love it!!! We have filled our home with antiques handed down from our families and favorites that we have collected in the 20 years that we have been married. Again, welcome to our home...

this is our living room, the view from our dining room

an old wash stand, it was Chris' mom's. I deocrated it with one my nativities. It's probably one of my favortes. The oil lamp was Chris' grandma's and of course there is a family photo. I love pictures...

Almost forgot the lamp was a bargain from a dollar store, I love bargains!!!

My FAVORTE desk ever, it was the first antique I ever picked out. When I was 14 or 15 my parents took me to pick it out for my bedroom. It too has one of nativities on top. Yes I leave them up all year!

I wish you could see these better, the one on the left is a page from my great grandmother's high school yearbook. She graduated in 1919. The picture on the right is a pencil sketch with a letter she wrote me when I was 5. Again, a precious treasure from my great grandmother.

The chair in the corner was made by my great grandfather when my mom was a little girl. Our family has always called it the "lady" chair even when my brother and my son used it. They did not appreciate that very much but more ladies have used it then boys or men. The framed art above the chair us a pencil sketch of a bull rider. It came from the historical Last Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel was built and operated by my grandfather and his brothers for many years and later sold. In February of 2007 it was imploded, sad day...

Yes, I love pine cones. When we travel I look for them and then bring them home for my baskets. Some if these come from my great great grandmother's yard, she is who I was named after. I love family names... Georgia Gail, that's not southern or anything is it? And yes, another nativity. One of my children bought it at the Christmas Store at school one year... precious.

Psalm 46:1 I have had this since I was 16... it has hung in my dorm room and every apartment or house that I have lived in. These words are so true!

Another favorite... The Lord hath set before thee an open door and no man can shut it. Revelations 3:8 My daddy gave this to us years ago. He passed away in October of 2008, also precious treasure.

As you can see, I love old and sentimental things... and feel free to drop by There is much more to learn and see about our family there. It is my prayer that all of my blogs bless all those who read them. God is GOOD!!!

I hope you have enjoyed a tour of our home. Have a blessed week everybody!


Aimee said...

I love that desk!

valerie said...

I love all of the special sentimental items you have throughout your home.
Love the desk!
Your home is lovely.

Stephanie said...

Love your family pieces, and your door!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I really like your washstand and how you decorated it. What a cozy living room!