Tuesday, May 19, 2009

long lost friends...

A long lost friend from WNJ found me on Facebook... she went to the easysite. After spending hours reading the whole thing she left the sweetest message. I wanted to share part of it. I read it the beginning of May and was going through my FB mail and reread it. She reminded me of a conversation I had with Rachel when she was four... I needed this today! "...you came to work one night and told me something she had said and it had shocked you. She had told you that day that she loved Jesus and she wanted to go be with him. You said you were shocked that a 4 year old would say that. I asked you what your response was to her and you said that you wanted her to be with Jesus but just not yet." I had totally forgotten about it but now I remember it clearly and what a precious memory. I am so glad to be reminded that she loved Him, not that I ever doubted it but just neat to be reminded how young she was with a heart for Him. And so glad she is where she wanted most to be. I needed it today... last night I discovered that the girls did not have enough "fast girls" to make up a mile relay team. It really hit home and probably had a lot to do with why I did not sleep last night. It was Rachel's favorite race. Anyway, just thought I would share.

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