Sunday, August 9, 2009

For All We Know...

The words to this song truly came to life for me this weekend... I loved seeing all of my "heart girls" and even those that were only able to follow via FaceBook. What a blessing! My "heart" is full of praise and thanks for each and every one of you and how you have touched my life...

For all we know,
We may never meet again,
Our camp will grow,
Making memories sweet again.
We’ll not say good-bye,
We’ll never be parted.
We’ll join hands and hearts,
For the friendships we started.

Our camping days
Seem to only be a dream,
They come and go,
Like the ripples on a stream.
Heart O’ the Hills will remain,
Like to tune of an old refrain,
And live in our hearts again,
For all we know.

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