Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24

Chris and I were watching Akeelah and the Bee the other day. I remember seeing that movie with Rachel. I also remember crying at one point and it is not even really a tear jerker. Yes I am a sap even on a good day... Rachel looked over at me and just shook her head as if to say "there she goes again." I loved going to the movies with her or just laying around on a Saturday and watching movies all day... that is when she eventually got up. She could watch the "family movie" aka the remake of Father of the Bride (both of them) ALL day.

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Kari says...
"I know exactly what you mean. When Sara was little, everyday after preschool she would come home and we would watch the Secret Garden. EVERYDAY!!! I'm so glad now that we did. " (3/2/09)

LJ says...
"I am so glad you have the memories. I am so glad we have ours of Rachel. I was telling a friend on Friday about Chris and Rachel playing cards all the time and what a comfort that must be. I too have made my focus on the 24th.
Much love--LJ" (3/2/09)

Robin says...
"For Jordan and me, our movie is Anne of Green Gables. We love to sit and watch that movie together, even if it's only once a year or so...Jeff just rolls his eyes if he walks in on our Anne-fest! It is a favorite that we quote from regularly. I'm glad you made me think of it and how thankful I am to have those movie memories together! " (3/2/09)

carrie says...
"one of my favorite things to do was go to movies with Rachel. one of the last movies we saw together was P.S I love you. She loved that movie. She talked about how she wanted to find love like they had in the movie. She was so funny how she started talking about how she wanted her first kiss to be with her one true love. She also talked about how her mother and a friend had set her up to date a boy, but he was more like a brother. She stated that was gross, it would be like kissing Andrew!" (3/24/09)

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