Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28

July 28th

Three months and we miss her so...

This time last summer she was coming to Ft Worth with me a lot. She would sleep late (surprise huh?), we would go to the Country Club and lay out. She never did get a tan and oh how that made her mad! Grandpa, Carrie and Boo would take her out and let her drive at night... she loved that!

I also remember the day she accepted Jesus... we were at the Power Team show in McKinney with the Wall's and the Harmon's. At the invitation, I looked up and she was running down the isle and then in Uncle Boo's arms as they made a public profession of faith... sweet!!! We are so thankful that she accepted and chose to follow Him. Now she is "partyin' with Him, hallelujah!

Please feel free to add a memory of your own, we love reading them!

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