Monday, July 7, 2008

Becoming as polished stones...

It is late, I am up reading. This is what I gleaned from my quiet time with Him…

He made me into a polished arrow. Isaiah 49:2

People come from all over the country travel to Pebble Beach, California just to collect the pebbles on this famous beach. They are beautiful. Why you ask? They are tossed, rolled, rubbed together, and ground against the sharp edges of the cliff. This process of grinding continues relentlessly. And what is the result? Beautiful, sought out pebbles. A little farther up the beach is a quiet and lonely beach. It is protected from the face of the ocean, sheltered from the storm, from the waves. This beach too is covered with pebbles not sought by travelers. Why you ask? These pebbles have escaped all the turmoil and grinding of the waves. The quietness and peace have left them as they have always been. Rough, unpolished and devoid of beauty~ for the polish is the result of the storm. It reminds me once again of the lyrics Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns. There are times in life when we feel like we are being tossed, rolled, rubbed together and ground against ths sharp edges of this world. Much like the stones on the quiet beach we can isolate ourselves and remain sheltered from the storm or the tossing waves. Is that His desire for my life? No. Do I wish that I could escape this gried and turmoil in my life? Do I wish that this season of my life would be over and the pain would go away? Sure, who wouldn't. But not if it means remaining rough, unpolished and devoid of beauty. I want His beauty.

In this season of life I am living as a pebble on Pebble Beach. Am I being tossed about in the storm, YES! Am I trusting Him to shape me into a beautiful polished pebble? YES! And I am praising Him for it? YES! Difficult, YES! Is He with me? YES!

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