Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scholarship Presentation

First I would like to start by saying to the Class of 2011

Chris, Andrew and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you and the families you represent for your love and support the last three years. It has not gone unnoticed nor will ever be forgotten. I see glimpses of our sweet Rachel in your smiles, hugs, and even sometimes just a simple wave. It is our prayer that God may richly bless and continually guide you as you begin this new journey in your lives.

I remember it like it was yesterday, my daddy called to check on us after Rachel died. He asked us if we would award two graduates with a scholarship in Rachel’s memory, one for academics and one for sports. We of course said yes… so at the suggestion of my daddy, Harold Griffith we present these scholarships in memory of our sweet Rachel. Both of their lives continue on, even though they are not physically present with us and they continue to touch lives through the scholarships presented in Rachel’s name.

So tonight we honor two graduates that excel in academics and sports. Rachel loved school and she loved making good grades. I can remember the first “bad” grade she ever received, it was a “B” and she was devastated. The student we award tonight for academics also excels academically and one that Rachel competed with. When this student got a better grade than Rachel, she seemed even more determined to do better than she already did. This student also wants to be a nurse which of course is near and dear to my heart. I think Rachel would be proud as well, as she told us on more than one occasion she wanted to be a nurse, a doctor and an attorney. She set high expectations for herself as does this student.

Rachel didn’t really decide that she loved sports until 6th grade and after that nothing could take away her drive to be the best at volleyball and track. Volleyball was not surprising to us, but track? We thought the coaches were crazy when Rachel came home and told us she would be running relays, and not just one but all three! The Rachel we knew at home she was slow as a turtle. As Chris and I watched her run for the first time, we discovered that the girl could run and she was FAST! The student we honor tonight has a love for sports and has ever since he was a little boy. This student is also a hard worker and excels at most any athletic activity he puts his mind to. He is also an active and vital member of his church and community.

In honor of the Class of 2011 we have chosen to award a third scholarship. This student is involved in various extracurricular activities and volunteer work. She is also an active and vital member of her church. She balances her church activities, school, extra-curricular activities, job, friend and family time well. I have gotten to know her better this year and grown to love her, as I do many of you, as my own. Each and every one of you are special to us, you are each a part of Rachel and make us proud.

With all that being said it is our honor and privilege to award

The Rachel Fulenwider Academic scholarship in the amount of $500 to Taelor Duckworth
The Rachel Fulenwider Athletic scholarship in the amount of $500 to Bryant Threadgill
Class of 2011 scholarship to in the amount of $1000 to Taelor Williams

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